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Disciples of Osiris

The server started development by myself 68B on the 13th of July 2020. This is my first ever server that Ive developed solely on my own so theres going to be a couple of bugs on the way! Although I try my absolute hardest to make sure that the highest quality of development gets sent out to the playerbase. Disciples of osiris is a 1.16 Survival Economy experience never seen before as it is a hybrid server which collaborates two unique categories into one.

On disciples we have a revolutionary rankup system. There are 30 levels and at each and every 3rd level you gain a special perk and at every other level you gain a rankup key. Once you reach level 30 you can prestige and gain a prestige key which gives you some awesome loot ingame from the crates although all your perks you gained from those levels get wiped and you start over. You can prestige up to 5 times and each time the prestige price gets higher to provide a more challenging experience. Once you are at your last prestige you can then rebirth for free and once you do that, your mcmmo levels are wiped, jobs levels are wiped and your balance is wiped as you are embalmed into a new body and new form. When you rebirth you do gain an insanely overpowered kit which gives you some of the best loot in the server. There is currently only one rebirth at the moment due to how long it may take you to get there but the amount of rebirths may change in the future with additional rewards. The first person to rebirth gets the osiris rank too!

Around spawn there are the crates which are straight ahead as you spawn in. To your left is the small playermarket where players can rent stands and sell their precious items player to player. We also have a staff team area where you can see our active staff and if theres positions open for you to apply for. We have mcmmo, jobs, soon to be dungeons and many more other features. From donations I will also invest into custom plugins made only for our server so that you as the playerbase get the best survival economy experience ever! We also have ViaVersion which means you can join on any version from 1.8!

If you have any more questions about the server please DM me on discord b01w#0001 or join our discord server:

Server IP:

Have fun!

- 68B <3

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